A Living Archive
The Radicepura Park is an excellence of international floriculture. With the thousands of plant essences, it is a actual living archive of Mediterranean plants and a world reference centre for
germplasm collection.

Seed Bank.
What is more precious than a nature treasure chest? The Faros donated theirs, fruit of more than fifty years of worldwide research to Radicepura. It is not only a suggestive ensemble with a remarkable ornamental flavour, it is also a safe haven for biodiversity and the production of high quality materials: more than 3,000 mother plants that provide healthy and certified seeds and cuttings under the careful eye of Italian and international researchers.

Environmental Sustainability
An authentic 100% eco-sustainable passion. The Park is self sufficient in terms of energy and water requirements thanks to innovative technologies and major design choices. Photovoltaic (PV) panels and cisterns to harvest rain water generate waste free electricity and the means of irrigation for the Park while fully respecting the environment.
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