Art installations
Art installations are by the Radicepura artists-in-residence, they are in a two way exchange with  nature, expressing complex and absolute notions, stemming from the interaction with the volcano, plants, Sicilian citrus fruits, the sun and light of our  island.

Open your mind to the deepest roots of Sicilian culture and gaze deep into them opening your mind through Emilio Isgrò’s Empedocles’ Dream . There are many references to the philosopher scientist, to Luigi Pirandello, to Giovanni Verga and the genius loci that breathes life beyond time and space into this park.

Compito #1 is a two-tone mosaic by Adrian Paci, 140 square metres of marble and lava stone creating a form of writing with no ties to any coded alphabet. The signs have been replicated in a space that becomes a relational space where one can find oneself by observing the other-than-self. The theme is the result of the artist’s cooperation with the religious peace-seeking Community of Sant’Egidio.

Diagramma #4 is a composition by Federico Baronello: four gazebos identified by the Premier League primary colours. An actual photo-booth enabling visitors to immerse themselves in the nuances of globalisation and take self-portraits/selfies that make up a video catalogue projected inside.

Alfio Bonanno’s Grandi Fossili (Great Fossils) are also outstanding. Enjoy sculptures of memory that mingle with botanical essences. Admire the primordial shapes, giant shells, oversized archetypes of the nature once common in the Sicilian landscape. The works are made of interwoven carob branches covered in earthy material.

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